PROJECTS / CASE STUDY "Design Sprint Workshop"

"Strengthening capacities for wastewater management"

Project Background

GIZ Jordan supports Jordanian water supply companies in modernization and maintenance of their wastewater treatment plants to increase the reuse of wastewater. The objective of the project Strengthening Capacities for Wastewater Management (CWWM) is to improve the wastewater management competencies of actors in the Jordanian water and wastewater sector. The measure is implemented at a national level and concentrates its operational advice on Wastewater Treatment Plants run by the Yarmouk Water Company in the northern governorates. CWWM is tasked with the development of a platform to enable the exchange of learnings and best practices between wastewater professionals on a national level. Quite Okay was asked to support the project by conducting a workshop to define requirements of such a platform and gathering user feedback around the planned activities through implementing a prototype.

The Workshops

During a four day workshop we talked to local experts from the wastewater treatment sector to collect insights about challenges in daily communication and reporting tasks. This information was then used during two rapid prototyping days to conceptualize and design a digital questions-and-answers platform for wastewater treatment plant operators. The prototype was tested with empoloyees from those plants in extensive interviews to validate need of various use-cases and document shortcomings in the user experience. In this 4 day design sprint a concept for an Q&A application was decided on by the whole workshop team, then designed, prototyped and tested with 5 wastewater professionals from the Yarmouk Water Company.


User feedback was very positive and revealed interesting results in regards to use cases for a potential digital application. The decision-focused process of the design sprint allowed the team to create ideas on the general motivation of their users and potential enhancements and pitfalls. Assumptions can now be evaluated against the feedback of the targeted users and updated to be tested in a second iteration of the product. The overall conclusion, confirmed by the wastewater professionals, was, that a digital tool would greatly improve daily communication tasks and probably save a lot of time otherwise lost by researching incomplete information.

Project Voices

"Adam and Daniel know their Design Thinking tools well, and they’re not scared to use them even in a complex and culturally challenging context. In spite of the technically demanding problem at hand, the Design Sprint was target-oriented and fun at the same time. Thanks for the good cooperation!"

Franziska Bock
GIZ Amman, Jordan

Project Profile


Design Sprint Workshop “Strengthening capacities for wastewater management”


GIZ Jordan


Design Workshop (4 days) including Expert Interviews, Prototype development & User Tests & Interviews


January 2019


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