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"Strengthening capacities for wastewater management"

Project Background

The delivery of justice in Bangladesh faces many challenges: criminal investigations overwhelm police capacity, the case backlog in courts is at 2.7 million and growing, and prisons are staggering at 200% of capacity, largely due to a disproportionate number of prisoners awaiting trial, many of them poor, and without access to legal assistance. The Rule of Law (RoL) program with its component “Improving the Real Situation in Prison” (IRSOP) enables more people in Bangladesh, particularly the poor, prisoners, women and children, to get accountable, efficient and effective justice services. For the monitoring and evaluation of the whole programme a strong Information Management System (IMS) has been established with standardized formats for collection of data on progress regarding project interventions such as release of prisoners, movement of cases, assistance provided at police stations or counselling of drug addicted prisoners. The data is gathered, analysed and then published in different outlets. The IMS was initially managed manually via paper forms, Excel spreadsheets and visualisation tools.

Designing an interactive information management system

Our partners at Quite Okay was asked to support the Rule of Law Project in researching, designing and implementing an online platform in collaboration with a local software team. Research was conducted following field staff during their daily activities to identify pain points and key use cases for information exchange. Insights were sorted and aligned with project goals and reporting obligations to create a secure and structured system to monitor support of cases by multiple stakeholders. The Information architecture was designed to ensure a high level of data validation and security to ensure a proper baseline for impact reporting.

Rule of Law Impact Hub

The Impact Hub is a web based working tool that supports and structures the work of the field level staff and automates reporting and management insights. Its goal is to deliver detailed performance information on individual cases and documentation of all steps on their journey through the judicial justice system. At the field level the functionalities of the Impact Hub are focused around data input, individual case management and collaboration functions such as referral to co-workers or follow up on case status. Calendar functions are enabling staff to coordinate interventions more effectively to precisely respond to the needs of the beneficiaries. At the management level the Impact Hub is helping stakeholders and decision makers to get a near real- time access to information from the field. Once data is entered and verified by field staff, reports are automatically generated and can immediately be accessed by management, eliminating the time delay and workload caused by the process of manually compiling data from 40 districts and creating reports. As occasionally managers have questions that cannot be answered by the auto-generated reports a dynamic report builder is allowing the ad-hoc creation of reports that help exploring the data and discovering new insights.

Project Voices

"When preparing for a visit I now have all case details right in front of me and I don‘t need to get the paper files. This has made my work and the collaboration with my colleagues so much more productive."

Shaiful Khan
Dhaka City

Project Profile


User Experience Design Project “Supporting overlooked cases in bangladeshi prisons”


GIZ Bangladesh


User research, requirement workshops, user experience concept, technical feasibility analysis, information architecture, technical documentation, interface design, implementation and oversight, issue tracking and quality assurance


January 2019


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