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A broad range of design services covering many aspects of innovation and creation.


We believe in a holistic and human centered approach to understand customers, stakeholders and business needs. Our interdisciplinary team covers research, ideation, development and implementation. We support you in improving and innovating your operations through a cross-functional and multidimensional view at your organization and help you to transform your organisation.



We support you to understand the needs of your customer, providing useful insights for new ideas. In a structured process based on a wide range of design methods we help you with diversifying, filtering, testing and evolving concepts to improve offerings, operations or business models.



Utilizing different formats like presentations or hands-on-workshops we teach agile working methods and introduce your team to the mindset of design thinking.



A group of expert designers working on purposeful projects together.


Corinna Sy

I am a designer who is interested in the possibilities of strategic design to improve the known and to explore the unknown. As a design consultant, researcher and conceptionist I am focusing on the fields of Strategic Innovation, Brand and Business Development and Social Design. I maintained my own independent design practice in leading and consulting organization in creative and innovation processes. Within the last four years I was able to gain an expertise in Business Development through founding and establishing CUCULA as a successful Social Business producing and selling design furnitures. I am a creative thinker and professional adventurer who is excited about creating sustainable solutions and always looking for new challenges.

Bastian Koch

As a designer, design manager and consultant with more than 15 years experience I am fluent in design thinking, user centered innovation processes, service design and interaction design, familiar with all kinds of digital touchpoints and used to applying design methods in a flexible approach for varying business goals and within small and big budgets.

I believe that design is a powerful problem solving method (rather than only an aesthetic practice).

Adam Wallat

Digital product designer and strategic consultant for consumer IoT products, international aid projects and tech startups. Interdisciplinary design education with hands-on experience working on long term design projects in asia and emerging economies.

Daniel Becker

Interaction desginer and software consultant who uses programming for generative design of audiovisual and interactive projects. A graduated designer and self taught code specialist whose spatial works include media facades, television studio designs and semi-permanent light installations.

Dr. Jennifer Schubert

As Design Researcher Jennifer Schubert explores the intersection between technology, participation and collectivity.

Christian Ivanis

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We want to learn more about your challenges and innovate together with you.


Design Thinking

Let's get you started!
  • We teach you and your team about design thinking and agile working processes. We hold an interactive presentation which gives you a brief introduction and explains the advantages of using different formats and methods.
Design Thinking

Let's practice design thinking!
  • We educate you and your team in design thinking and deepen your understanding of the application of creative methods. In a collaborative workshop format, we train your mindset for design thinking by applying the process and methods using different exercises.
Design Challenge Workshop

Let's tackle some of your challenges!
  • We work on your challenge and apply related design thinking methods in a collaborative format. Within a customized workshop - following your preferences - we go through all the relevant steps in design thinking and upskill your ability to solve problems.
Any other service or request? - We are happy to help!

  • You are looking for other design services or have a question regarding our offerings, expertise or service spectrum. Please drop us a line. We will get back to you in no time. We are always happy to provide you with an individual proposal.


Some of the projects we recently realized.


  • Design Thinking Workshop (3days) with National Employment Pact Egypt
  • read case study
  • Design Workshop (4 days) including Expert Interviews, Prototype development & User Tests & Interviews
  • read case study
  • User research, requirement workshops, user experience concept, technical feasibility analysis, information architecture, technical documentation, interface design, implementation and oversight, issue tracking and quality assurance
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